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Tokenization of the Real Sector of Economy

Tokenization of the Real Sector of Economy
243 15.08.2018

Why do so few people take crypto currencies seriously? Experts unanimously say that the future belongs to crypto currencies, but if you ask random people, it turns out that they are used to fiat money and don’t really know what tokens and crypto currencies are, neither do they know how to buy and use tokens because this sphere is something incomprehensible and inaccessible for the majority of the population. This phenomenon is easy to explain — there is no place for digital currencies in the form in which they currently exist in the established traditional economic relations. Of course, news articles about movable and immovable property purchase using Bitcoins are periodically published in the media. Various companies announce the possibility of paying for their goods and services by using some crypto currency. But these are just individual instances, which don’t grow in popularity for a variety of reasons, such as a rather unstable exchange rate of tokens and their legal status in different countries.

Over the decade of their existence, no really useful and legal way to use crypto currencies has been found, apart from income opportunities of the exchange trade. Today, the entire crypto industry hinges exclusively on crypto currency production (mining) and trading. New crypto currencies are regularly created, but they are purchased only to be sold later, when they increase in price. There can be no actual benefit if there is no link to real economy.

The thing is that the early generations of such financial instruments have an extremely closed-loop infrastructure, and even the most promising crypto currencies don’t have the technical capacity to develop such infrastructure. Circulation of digital currencies doesn’t go beyond the Blockchain and, therefore, the possibilities of their application in different fields directly depend on the Blockchain technological base.

Blockchain platforms have become the solution to this problem. These multifunctional systems have a huge potential for infrastructure expansion, and a crypto instrument, which due to its properties is considered to be a crypto value, plays an exceptional role in their functioning. For instance, Ethereum developed by Vitalik Buterin is intended to create decentralized online services, and mutual settlements between users aren’t the only opportunity provided by this platform. It means that it’s not just a currency based on the Blockchain technology, but a platform for creating business projects of all kinds, where a crypto instrument is like “fuel” for transaction execution and functioning of smart contracts, which ensure implementation of the projects themselves.

Another promising crypto project, EOS, was developed by Daniel Larimer. It is essentially an improved version of Ethereum. EOS has more reliable and predictable network bandwidth and computing power. It provides more favorable conditions for creating and developing projects in the real sector of economy — small and medium-sized businesses. And, unlike in Ethereum, EOS users don’t have to pay commission for carrying out transactions and using the network when developing applications.

Thus, Blockchain platforms already use the real sector of economy when business projects are formed and operate on their basis. In this case, a crypto instrument (crypto value) has practical benefits and is used for the good.

Currently, the crypto community is actively discussing the project created by Pavel Durov, which is going in a completely different direction. TON is a darknet platform where user anonymity is one of the priorities. TON is a completely decentralized Internet of a new format aimed at storing and transferring any information: development of websites, torrent trackers and many other things. Replicated data storage system being combined with several security mechanisms excludes the possibility that TON will somehow be physically blocked by any government. All these contribute to making TON a favorable environment for the development of digital piracy and dissemination of prohibited content. GRAM, which is a crypto instrument of this platform, fulfills a lot of functions and isn’t just a means for carrying out mutual settlements.

Particular attention should be given to the Bitbon System, which is a multifunctional Blockchain platform for Contributing developed by the international company — Simcord. The Bitbon System provides its users with instruments and services for carrying out collective investments as well as attracting financing required for the implementation of business projects and their audit, overseeing the use of collected funds and providing legal supervision at all stages. This platform is intended to be used in many fields, including financial, legal and economic activity. The Bitbon Crypto Value, which is its key component, allows determining the value as well as managing and transferring in digital form property rights to any kind of resources. In addition, this financial instrument is backed by assets. The Bitbon backing occurs during the integration of the real sector of economy into the System by means of Contributing, and it should be considered more thoroughly.

The thing is that the Contributing process as well as the whole economic model of the Bitbon System promotes continuous turnover of Bitbons whose pricing is based on “live” market methods. Investors purchase Bitbons in order to participate in Contributing. Businessmen exchange collected Bitbons for the desired currency in order to implement their own projects. Later, when the project starts generating income, businessmen constantly have to purchase Bitbons at the exchange to regularly pay out profits to investors. Consequently, a natural offer and demand for Bitbons is created, Bitbon price and liquidity will only increase due to a growing number of projects and investors entering the System.

Such an approach not only improves the economic efficiency of Bitbon, but also allows integrating the existing economy into a digital decentralized Blockchain-based environment.

To put this in perspective, what will happen when such an activity as Contributing will become commonplace due to simplicity of its use and availability, and the majority of businesses will start using the Bitbon System during their operation?

Businessmen will no longer need to sell Bitbons for the desired currency in order to implement their projects. They will buy all necessary stuff (construction materials, equipment etc.) using Bitbons, which will become a widely accepted measure of the price of any value — a base currency. This is the way to transform the outdated economic model into the modern digital form offered by Simcord Company.

Today, it has become clear that control and accounting of all recourses available to humankind must be transferred to the unified digital ledger based on the Blockchain technology. It is not only highly efficient, but reliable as well. Blockchain platforms are in their infancy and are proving their usefulness right now. That is why they attract millions and even billions of dollars from investors, who can rationally plan their activities and clearly see the prospects of their investments.


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