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Multi-miner Papa Carlo: what you should know about the project

Multi-miner Papa Carlo: what you should know about the project
98 04.10.2018

Buratino Blockchain Solutions is not a newcomer on the market. We are going to make a revolution on the ASIC miners market, having pressed present monopolists. Everybody knows this market is divided between Bitmain and BitFury for a long time. While the first cooperate with private clients, BitFury is engaged in development of global projects.

Lack of the competition between them has led to the innovative stagnation in the market. Companies increase capacities, adapt to various algorithms, but technological innovations aren’t enough. Monopoly leads to stagnation. The multi-miner Papa Carlo presented in the review has to change this situation.

Project essence

Let’s start with ABC: to earn in the mining sphere, you should buy the equipment, turn it on, and the miner generates profit for you.


Why is our equipment called “multi-miner”? Because Papa Carlo is capable to employ two most popular algorithms at once — SHA-256 and SCRYPT and mine 14 cryptocurrencies, that any competitor can’t provide. Papa Carlo is cheaper, more economical and more powerful than the top models available in the market.

The heart of the miner is a 7-nanometer ASIC by Samsung foundry. Besides, the miner will be based on a multipurpose crystal in which three types of logical kernels will be placed.

The base for Papa Carlo will become Cortex M4 which is used in many devices and has proved its long time efficiency. Together with the reliable cooling system, it will give 26 terahash per second at the consumption of only 1,5–1,7 kW. To put it simple, you will earn more and spend less electric power.


The list of cryptocurrencies which Papa Carlo is capable to mine:

on SHA-256: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, NameCoin, EmerCoin, PeerCoin, ATB, Ghost.

on SCRYPT: Litecoin, DogeCoin, NetCoin, BitConnect, Novacoin, DigitalСoin, SysСoin.

Customer support

Our team provides support of users and crowdsale participants (ICO, tokensale) and also guarantee maintenance of miners. We have already started production, but to increase the release, we need additional funds. For this purpose, we come to ICO. Crowdsale will allow raising funds for the creation of the network of the service centers.

The majority of miners available in the market have no warranty per se. Moreover, in most cases, they are unrepairable. Buratino Blockchain Solution is guided by needs of clients therefore for us guarantee maintenance is an important element of the distribution system.

The developed miner will receive a 18 months guarantee from the box that already gives it several points of advantage on the market. There will be service centers in Helsinki, Minsk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The team of the project has chosen these cities for logistics reasons. In case of success, we are ready to open representations throughout the world.

In the product range of the largest producers, there is practically no equipment which can be upgraded partially: it should either to be used as it is or to throw out. We intend to go another way and to give users more opportunities in multi-miner control. The service centers will also help with it.

We will remind, the main shortcoming which turns powerful and expensive ASIC miners into a heap of useless hardware is the binding to one algorithm of cryptocurrency mining only. If the algorithm changes, then even the best modern equipment becomes useless. Miner Papa Carlo solves all these and many other problems.

What else can Papa Carlo help with

Besides, Papa Carlo is capable to mine cryptocurrency effectively, it can also become a link in the following systems: Internet of things (IoT), “smart house”, network and sound controllers, routers, trackers, alarm system and so forth. Thanks to the computing power, the miner won’t concede to the devices which are specially released for these systems, and even to surpass them in some parameters.

Besides, Papa Carlo can be applied also in other spheres:

  • Bigdata storages
  • IoT locks and platforms
  • network equipment
  • equipment for creation of VPN
  • knots of mesh-networks

ICO in figures

Crowdsale starts in fall 2018, and sale of multi-miners — in the spring 2019. Here is the information how the means received during ICO will be spent :

Data on ICO campaign:

  • Hard Cap: $18 million.
  • Middle Cap: $13 million.
  • Soft Cap: $3 million.

ICO website:

Information on a token

  • Ticker: BUR (Buratino).
  • Support of the ERC20 standard: Yes.
  • Issue: 250 million BUR.
  • Token cost: $0.10.
  • Additional issue: No.
  • Utilization of surplus: Yes.


The developed Papa Carlo device is capable to make the real revolution in ASIC miner market. There are enough reasons for this: multifunctionality, the possibility of modification, support of several algorithms, long guarantee and many other things.

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