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Cyber Capital Invest: the next generation crypto investment platform

Cyber Capital Invest: the next generation crypto investment platform
162 27.08.2018

Today, the crypto market is one of the most promising investments in the world. The amount of people getting involved in it keeps multiplying every day. However, it is important to know that not everybody in the crypto investment world is making  profit.

As it is with all investment markets, it takes some measure of professionalism to make huge profits. New investors are mostly unable to navigate this volatile terrain of the market without getting burnt. So how does a novice attain a level of proficiency without recording large losses?

This is the same question Nikita Kaperzov faced when he was introduced to the cryptocurrency market. Now an expert, Kasperzov has been able to create a platform called Cyber Capital Invest (CCI) which would help investors, who are finding it hard to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market.

What makes Cyber Capital invest better than other crypto investment platforms?

The cryptocurrency market is flooded with crypto investment platforms that are unable to deliver on the promises made to their users. So you might be wondering “How will Cyber Capital Invest prevent this?” CCI aims to create a more sophisticated platform that will be modeled around realistic goals. Apart from this, the CCI team has taken its time to research the strengths and weaknesses of current crypto investment platforms. It intends on building a platform that will be an innovative solution to the limitations of existing platforms. Other functions that sets CCI apart include:

Profit Sharing Token

One very unique aspect that sets CCi apart and makes it an incredibly lucrative investment is that it is a  Profit Share Token which will allow the users to receive weekly profits from the consistently growing Trading Capital.

Provision of Innovative Investment Plans

One of the limitations of many existing platforms is the condition that all investments are locked for about 300 days. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market demands that investors should be able to cash out as soon as an opportunity to make profit pops-up. To address this, CCI lists flexible investment plans (including plans that demands only 24 hours of a lock-up period).

Removal of Commission Fees

Most existing funds in the market charge commission fees on each transaction made on their platforms. With CCI, investors can withdraw their investments (including profits) without paying commission fees.

Guaranteed Privacy

The whole purpose of cryptocurrency is the user’s privacy. However many existing platforms cannot guarantee this since customer’s profiles are stored in their database. Users cannot guarantee that their data is not sold to third parties, safe in the event of leakages or hacks and deleted when they close an account. CCI allows users to create anonymous accounts that do not require personal identification information. Hence, the possibility of selling users’ info to third parties and other risk relating to leakage or hacking is eliminated.

Unlimited Range Of Payment Options for Users

Deposits and withdrawals can be made anywhere in the world and the methods of deposition are limitless. In addition, the platform is able to support multiple cryptocurrencies.


CCI observed that many crypto investment platforms in today’s market are prone to fraud. Hence it has set up a platform which has an anti-fraud department that will police and monitor frauds. The facility will occasionally conduct risk assessments on the network. In addition to this, users have access to accounts protected with the two-factor authorization.

User’s Insurance Cover

We have seen a lot of crypto investment platforms disappear into thin air. Since many of these investment platforms do not offer users’ insurance cover, customers’ funds and profits are lost and unrecoverable. To prevent this, CCI automatically implements user’s insurance cover for all its users and this will be based on the investment plan each user adopts.

With the introduction of Cyber Capital Invest, new investors are guaranteed a seat at the table.


Project website:
Financial Paper:

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