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BURATINO SOLUTIONS: Trezor Mini hardware wallet

BURATINO SOLUTIONS: Trezor Mini hardware wallet
39 01.10.2018

Welcome brand new analog Trezor mini based on original Trezor device

Cryptocurrencies need a wallet to store them. It should be always in hands, easy to use and safe from external attacks. Online wallets are vulnerable for hackers and don’t have enough protection. The hardware wallet is the most reliable storage device so far. One of the main players on the market of hardware wallets is Trezor. It will generate the seed for you and always will recover access to your coins. Trezor crew is really cares for safety of your assets and try to assist at any points. We got inspired by this talented team and made a decision to create something similar but better. The latest development is the hardware wallet Trezor mini. It looks like a flash card that stores savings and access keys. The wallet supports ERC-20 tokens and more than twenty cryptocurrencies.

The device is able to perform the same set of functions as online wallets, for example, it can be used to pay for goods or services. And due to the absence of its own Internet connection, Trezor mini prevents any hacker attacks, protecting funds from theft. Usage the Trezor mini is very simple; for the transaction, you only need to connect it to your computer and go to the official site of wallet

Trezor mini. What is the difference?

— Trezor mini is smaller than its original: 28х42 against 27х50 the original. This was achieved by placing the controller and elements under the display.

— Trezor mini buttons have a better tactile effect compared to Trezor, which may have false positives when pressed.

— In the scheme Trezor mini has additional filtration elements for power. Some of the parts are replaced by Wurth Electronic products.

— Wiring is made at a more professional level, this is evidenced by the thickness of the tracks, the size of the transition holes and the topology of the elements on the PCB.

— ESD protection of the USB port in Trezor mini is performed on the element that has already built-in resistance lines and the lengths of the differential pairs for the signal lines of the port are also observed. Original Trezor does not have the required chain filtering.

— To protect Trezor mini from physical impact and hacking the device, manufacturers used specialized compounds. The device is protected from any external impact – water, dust, shock.

— Each Trezor mini device passes tests separately.


We consider Trezor as a thrust-worthy company as follows:

— open source code
— on the technology market since 2012
— being passionate about its claims and clients as Buratino BlockChain Solutions is.
Buratino BlockChain Solutions was established from Research Institute of special Algorithms, engaged in the development and production of complex electronic equipment. We managed to find unique technical solutions for mining and storage of cryptocurrency.

We cooperate with the Samsung Foundry in South Korea and «Neva electronic company» in Russia, which is one of the leading Russian enterprises that manufacture electronic products for legal entities.

In 2018, Buratino Blockchain Solutions improved the product of Czech startup SatoshiLabs. Based on the open-source code of Trezor wallet, the company has developed its own model of Trezor mini, changing the technical part.

How exactly does the protection work in Trezor mini?

Device protection consists of several stages. The first is the PIN. When you connect the device to the computer for the first time, you must enter it twice. When you re-enter, there is an empty space where you need to put the combination of numbers, and on the wallet it is shown. This combination is the order of numbers that you need to enter on the screen in ascending order. This provides protection against infected computers when a set of input numbers is being read.

In addition, when you first install the wallet gives 24 code words. They are used to restore access to your device in case of lost. Buying a new wallet, you will need to enter the key words. The key phrase is the main protection of the device. It should be remembered, not written down, as well as a few code phrases. They will be required in case of a real attack on you if the frauds request for access to your wallet.

The website does not ask for any passwords and codes. Even if the hackers break into the server, access to the account without the physical presence of the wallet is impossible.

We are looking for a partner

We believe in the future of blockchain, we believe that soon it will lead to a complete  different world. The data in blockchain cannot be faked, because dozens, hundreds of participants control the authenticity of the recorded information. We need like-minded people who will help us to make our ideas real and implement useful developments. Now we are looking for partners who are ready to invest in the upcoming digital future.


Project website:


Lite Paper:

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