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5 Minutes With Dan Welton: CEO and Founder of BellAcre and Whisper IP Crypto Hedge Fund

5 Minutes With Dan Welton: CEO and Founder of BellAcre and Whisper IP Crypto Hedge Fund
179 15.06.2018

Dan Welton is the CEO and CIO of BellAcre hedge fund and Whisper IP — a $251.5m AUM crypto hedge fund. Whisper’s crypto syndicate numbers 3,179 people.

Impressed by Acorn’s proposition, Dan has recently come on board as an investment partner to promote the Acorn ICO to his syndicate.

Here are some of the highlights of what he had to say in our recent Telegram AMA:

Q. Why did you become involved with Acorn?

I travelled to Bristol, met the fantastic team — and their dog (quite literally), at their offices, and I was impressed.

They are, without question, driven by the same passion that drives me. They can see that providing everyone with the equal opportunity to succeed, is not only good for them, it is great for the global economy. They have the right approach, the marketing to support it, the fortitude to overcome the challenges, and the determination to make this work.

Q. What interests you mostly about Acorn Collective and their project?

I started on the trading floor on LIFFE in 1992. I started equities, currencies, commodities, — using futures contracts, margin allocation, derivatives and a whole host of other financial instruments. In those days, a man wanting to start a business was at the mercy of the ‘Money men’.

Fast forward until now. The Acorn Collective makes it possible to crowdfund across continents, across society, across sectors, across markets, and across the world.

Q. Will you or members of your syndicate be supporting projects on the Acorn platform in the future? Or are you mostly in for the potentially great investment?

As a professional investor I do two things. Invest a lot, and diversify. Acorn provides the opportunity to do both.

Multiple investments, across multiple market sectors. It is a no brainer for a professional investor.

Buyers have become a little nervous because there are SO MANY PROJECTS. But the majority of those projects are utter nonsense. We have reviewed more than 100 projects this year. It may even be as many as 200. We chose to work with 4 so far this year. Just 4.

If you are sitting on the sidelines wondering whether to purchase OAK, consider this — Acorn has the potential to find the next Facebook, the next Uber, or the next Apple.

Do you want to be the person who didn’t take a chance and didn’t buy OAK? Or the one that bought a yacht because they took that chance.

Q.How much will your fund invest in Acorn?

As it stands, we are in the process of raising more for Acorn through our syndicate. The process takes time, as we contact members, and pass on our research. Many will buy, increasing the capital raise. We will announce the total at the end of the ICO.

Q. Do you see anyone else doing the same thing Acorn are doing in the space and if so what sets them apart?

If there were not competitors, I would be concerned. Competition drives innovation, it bolsters markets, and pushes growth.

Acorn have competitors, maybe not direct ones, but they exist. However, there is a difference between a competitor, and a rival. Acorn is, in my humble opinion, a serious contender for the top spot. Their rival has yet to emerge, but when they do, I am confident Acorn will be ready.

You can find more information about Dan Welton, his companies and his team via LinkedIn.



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